Surfer’s Paradise in Gold Coast, Queensland

Short Drive from Byron Bay


While I was staying in Byron, I took one weekend off to hit the Gold Coast. I stayed in Backpacker’s Paradise at Surfer’s Paradise. I went there alone and ended up meeting a lot of people. You tend to meet more people and make new friends when you’re traveling alone. FACT!
When I first arrived in Gold Coast, it felt like I was in another world, coming from Byron Bay. In Byron, there are no big buildings, no big stores. However, Gold Coast is huge. It is big city with huge buildings and malls. When you’re surrounded by hills and trees and beautiful beaches, you forget what it’s like to be in a big city. I think I almost got anxiety from seeing the city because I was getting used to living on a farm in Byron.



Surfer’s Paradise

Surfer’s Paradise

Surfer’s Paradise is quite a busy place with lots of backpackers, restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, and they have entertainments like Ripley’s Believe it or not. This place sort of reminded me of Niagara Falls Canadian side, except that it’s way smaller than that. There’s the main street which consists of all your shopping, restaurants, bars and then there you have it – the beach.




Compared to Byron


Now keep in mind that I was staying in Byron for a while and the beaches there are like paradise. Then I come to the Gold Coast, where the shores of the beaches are surrounded by tall big buildings. When I sit at the main beach in Byron, I have beautiful views of the mountains. So you can imagine the difference that I was experiencing in the Gold Coast.


The atmosphere of Gold Coast is pretty lively. I have been to Broadbeach which is about an hour of bus ride from Surfer’s. This beach I found was nicer. It’s quite long and away from the party scene. I think I enjoyed Surfer’s beach more on my second day. It was nice to just sit under the sun on the beach, trying to recover from a hangover. The water was not so cold yet just enough to cool me off.



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