Things to do in Montréal, Québec

Bonjour! Montreal is one of the most interesting place on Earth. If you are ever in Canada, check it out!
When I first when to Montreal, it felt like I was in another country. I see more flags of Quebec than I do of Canada. They really are proud Quebecois. For those of you who don’t know, Montreal is the capital of our province, Quebec. Quebec is a French speaking province of Canada. Which means, as soon as you enter Quebec, everything is in French. Everything!

View Point from Mont Royal


Montreal is awesome for it’s food. I think if I lived there, I’d totally be overweight. Their infamous poutine is one of the exquisite things you will taste there. French fries with melted cheese curds and gravy. I mean, sure, we have this in Toronto as well. But something about Montreal… The most unhealthiest dish yet so delicious. Every restaurant will have this in their own form.

Some restaurants to check out for lunch/dinner:

Dundees deli bar and grill on Crescent Street
Mckibbon’s Irish pub on Bishop street
Mesa 14 on Bishop street
Montreal Poutine in Old Montreal
Then for brunch you can try le cafe cherrier on saint-denis

Brunch at Le Cherrier


Desserts are THE BEST. The 2 most wonderful places to go to for dessert are:
Maison Christian Faure and Juliette au Chocolat. These two have delicious desserts! You will for sure have your sugar fix here. I recommend the macaroons from Maison Christian Faure and Hot chocolate from Juliette au Chocolat.

Sight seeing

The Notre Dame Basillica
The Notre Dame Basillica was a very pretty church. You do have to pay a $5 fee but it’s really beautiful inside so it’s definitely not a waste.


Old Montreal
Old Montreal has more of a “European” vibe, especially the buildings which look so different than any other Canadian city. Old Montreal’s highlight is in Old Port. There are many restaurants and bars for you to enjoy here. Canada’s largest ferris wheel is in Old Port. It’s worth taking a ride on since you get a nice view of the city. There is zip lining, tree top trekking and also the science center located at Old Port. No reason for boredom here!

Old Port


Old Port

Mont Royal
Mont Royal has amazing views of Montreal from it’s viewpoint. It is near McGill University, so you can take a stroll up the hill and find your way through the hiking trail to come up the mountain for a gorgeous view. Along the way, you will enjoy the nature and there is also a park where you can sit by the water and relax. Perhaps even have a picnic.

Mont Royal park in the Fall


Jazz Festival
If you’re in Montreal during the summer (June) you can check out the Jazz Festival. It’s actually hard to avoid it since it’s spread throughout downtown. Why not enjoy some great music and performances for FREE?



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