8 Beautiful Places To See In Snaefellsnes -West Iceland

Snaefellsnes is a GORGEOUS 90 km long peninsula on the west coast of Iceland. This place consists of all the beautiful things you can imagine. It has spectacular mountains, waterfalls, beaches, cliffs and all the wonderful things that nature has to offer.

 1. Yellow Sand Beach by Langaholt

Yes that’s right, yellow sand beaches are rare in Iceland! This is mostly due to the volcanic activities, causing the beaches there to have black sand. A few seals can be spotted here! You will also notice mountains and glaciers surrounding you in this area.


2. Arnarstapi to Hellnar Coastal Walk

You can go for a beautiful coastal walk in Snaefellsnes. Stunning views from here. The ocean on one side and mountains on the other. 

The most captivating of all mountains here is Mt. Stapafell. 

3.  Grabok Lava Field

This lava field was created by a fissure eruption about 4000 years ago. This field is covered by fringe moss and bushes which look unreal.


4. Purkhólahraun Lava Field

Stopped by some view points of glaciers and volcanoes, you will also find a lava cave which was created by lava flows. People can actually go here and in fact, it’s believed that you can actually get to the center of the earth through this tunnel!

5. Djúpalónssandur or the Black Lava Pearl Beach

There is a black sand beach which has pieces of a wrecked ship. This was my first black sand beach and I was completely taken aback by it. It looks like a black&white filter but truly, it’s real!

Behind the beach is this lagoon called the black lagoon – crystal clear water as you can see below.


A rock formation with a hole in it, through which you can see the glacier! This is known as the Gatklettur rock and is a hot spot for photo shoots here!

6. Snæfellsjökull glacier


You can see this glacier from many places in Snaefellsnes. It’s massive! Of course, you can also actually go to this glacier for a magical experience!

7. Black sand beach

The black sand beach was quite an incredible site!


7. Kirkjufellsfoss

We visited this cute little waterfall by the volcano, it was pretty and magical 🙂


8. Mt. Kirkjufell

This is the most photographed mountain of Iceland!

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