Go on an African Adventure with Contiki – Book Your Tour Today!

Contiki has a new destination!

Contiki offers:

  • Max 7 person safari vehicles, allowing you have the incredible views you look forward to!
  • Luxury safari tents with comfortable beds and swimming pool at your accommodation
  • Flights and park entry are covered
  • Incredible Experiences!!!

Click below to book your tour to Africa 🙂

See the Serengeti, Kick Back with Penguins and Go on an African Adventure with Contiki – Book Your Tour Today!


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I love to travel and explore new places. My home being Toronto, the most diverse and multi-cultural city in the world, definitely sparks interests in learning about other cultures and exploring places from a local perspective. Follow me as I share with you, my adventures, experiences and travels. Bringing you travel tips on food, hotels and activities from around the world Alongside traveling, I also have a passion for beauty and I'm the author of https://beautyandthebeach.ca/ where I share tips, deals and discuss the latest trends. All things discussed are my own opinions, experiences and photography. I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my lens! Instagram @the6travelette TripAdvisor Level 4 contributer - https://www.tripadvisor.ca/members/jasminetdot

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