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5 Reasons To Visit the Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands is a tiny island located in the KRABI district of Thailand.

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Bubble Tea in Toronto

Toronto being a diverse city, there are many options for bubble tea. Here are my top 5 choices: Ten Ren’s Tea A worldwide bubble tea chain store. Usually this is my go-to bubble tea place because they are almost in every mall in Toronto. I recommend their green tea bubble teas. My favourite is MangoContinue reading “Bubble Tea in Toronto”

Go on an African Adventure with Contiki – Book Your Tour Today!

Contiki has a new destination! Contiki offers: Max 7 person safari vehicles, allowing you have the incredible views you look forward to! Luxury safari tents with comfortable beds and swimming pool at your accommodation Flights and park entry are covered Incredible Experiences!!! Click below to book your tour to Africa 🙂 See the Serengeti, KickContinue reading “Go on an African Adventure with Contiki – Book Your Tour Today!”


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